10 Foods To Eat For A Flat Stomach

If you’ve been struggling to flatten your midriff for a long time but still haven’t achieved the results you want, you may need to consider changing your diet. By simply increasing your intake of flat-belly friendly foods, your stomach can become significantly flatter in a matter of weeks. This is because these foods are low in calories, rich in nutrition and are extremely filling. Here is a look at 10 foods that can help you get flatter abs.

1 – Almonds


Almonds are rich in fiber, healthy fats and protein which collectively help you shed belly fat. Fiber does this by making you feel fuller for longer and also increasing the amount of calories you burn during digestion. Protein helps reduce your belly fat levels by increasing your appetite and making you less likely to overindulge on stomach fattening foods. Healthy fats also support this process by increasing the rate at which your body blasts through fat.
2 – Blueberries 


Blueberries give you the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you need to lose belly fat. The nutrients they contain optimize your blood glucose levels which ensures that you always have adequate amounts of energy when completing your ab toning workouts. These same nutrients also make your body more efficient at processing calories and blasting through fat. The best part thing about blueberries is that they contain just 76 calories per cup, so you can enjoy them regularly without causing excess fat to accumulate on your stomach.

3 – Chicken 


Chicken contains high levels of protein and very few calories. This makes it a perfect flat belly food as the protein has a satiating effect on your body without adding large amounts of calories. Plus, it’s an incredibly versatile and tasty meat that’s easy to incorporate into your daily meals.

4 – Eggs


One of the best and quickest ways of achieving a flat stomach is to eat eggs. This is because eggs are packed full of protein which tones your stomach muscles and helps you burn more calories each day. They’re also very low in calories, with a single large egg containing just 79 calories. Like chicken, eggs are extremely versatile and can be enjoyed boiled, fried, poached, scrambled or as an omelet.

5 – Flax Seeds
Flax seeds are one of the best sources of healthy fats around and directly increase the amount of fat your body burns. They’re also a very good source of fiber and protein which collectively increase the calories you process during digestion and fight bloating. Since flaxseeds don’t require any preparation, it’s very easy to add them to your day. Simply grab a handful for an instant healthy snack or sprinkle them on Greek yogurt with some honey for a tasty dessert.
6 – Greek Yogurt


Like flaxseeds, Greek yogurt is an excellent source of healthy fats and protein which support your belly flattening goals by reducing your appetite and making your body more efficient at using calories. It’s also loaded with probiotics which boost your intestinal health and protect against stomach bloating.
7 – Salmon 


Salmon is an amazingly nutritious seafood that contains large amounts of healthy fats, protein and various vitamins and minerals that help keep your stomach trim. By eating salmon regularly, you’ll find that your belly fat levels start to decline. You’ll also feel more satiated and be less likely to overeat.

8 – Spinach


Spinach is a fantastic addition to any healthy diet and can help you achieve a wide range of health and fitness goals. This green leafy vegetable contains just 7 calories per cup but is rich in many essential nutrients which give you more energy, help you blast more body fat and keep you feeling fuller for longer. There are lots of different ways you can enjoy spinach. It can be added to salads, used in smoothies or cooked as part of a hot meal.

9 – Tuna


Tuna is another powerful seafood that can help you get a lean, toned stomach. The healthy fats and protein work together to reduce the amount of fat stored around your stomach, strengthen your stomach muscles and keep you satiated. As with many of the foods on this list, tuna is incredibly convenient and can be eaten straight out of the tin or used to quickly prepare a wide range of healthy meals and snacks.

10 – Quinoa
Quinoa is one of the best vegetarian source of fiber and protein around. By eating it regularly, you’ll feel fuller between meals and be less likely to snack on unhealthy foods. You’ll also blast through more calories and prevent unwanted fat from building up on your stomach.


As you can see, formulating a flat stomach diet doesn’t have to be difficult. By choosing foods that are high in healthy fats, fiber, protein and essential nutrients, you’ll give your body the fuel it needs to regulate your appetite and keep your belly trim. The 10 foods above are all great sources of these nutrients and can be added to your diet right now. So don’t delay and start eating them today.

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